During registration, it is required to transfer a number of personal data that will be used by the service. Such data should include:

  • phone number;
  • bank card number and its validity period;
  • e-wallet number;
  • E-mail address.

All this is required for maintenance and ensuring fast and efficient operation. This information is stored on the resource, as it is used during a second visit. Due to the fact that the data remains on the site, it is no longer necessary to fill out the form a second time.

What can personal data be used for?

The use of confidential information is used for the following purposes:

  • technical support for visitors;
  • adjustment of the functioning of the service and applications;
  • provision of services on the service;
  • transferring important information to users;
  • data analytics (what is needed to improve the quality of the site);
  • search and elimination of technical problems;
  • improving the quality of offered products and services;
  • transfer of information about new services, auction offers.

Also, personal data is used to restore access to the account if a person has forgotten the password. The mailing is carried out to the specified phone number or email address.

Who has access to visitors" personal data?

The service does not disclose the data provided by visitors, and does not send them to third parties. There are several exceptions provided by law. The transfer of data to third parties is possible upon receipt of a relevant court decision or a request from law enforcement agencies. Also, information can be transferred to the new management of the company if it was sold or restructured.

The Service has the right to use data collection systems and analytics systems of third parties (third parties) on the website in order to improve the services provided and the quality of the website. The data collected by such systems is used by them in accordance with their regulations.


Cookies are a text file that collects information about the user"s actions on the service. The file itself is stored on the user"s devices (both phones and computers). With the help of a browser, many services access them in order to collect the required information. As a rule, a corresponding notification pops up about this, which offers to confirm the user agreement with the terms of use of personal data. It is possible to refuse such conditions, but it is quite possible that some of the functions of the site will be unavailable.

Each visit to the service will pop up a notification suggesting the use of cookies if the user does not agree to the terms. The same situation is possible when deleting files manually. The browser has a corresponding function that will allow you to delete the file.

Access to cookies is required to improve the functioning of the site. With their help, the user will be able to receive individualized applications, and the use of functions will become faster and more convenient. To implement all tasks, several types of cookies are used. These include:

  • advertising - analyze the effectiveness of advertising, and also provide an opportunity to determine the most suitable targeted offers;
  • functional - contain information about the system language, time, user location and other information;
  • technical - aimed at the study of devices used by the search service and other devices;
  • statistical - are engaged in the collection of analytical information, carry out the processing of data arrays.

Information is not stored permanently, as cookies are deleted when the service terminates or when tasks are completed. Deletion is carried out automatically.

Security of the use of cookies and other data

This data, unlike other confidential information, can be transferred to other resources. They are transferred to search services and other portals. This is done to improve advertising settings and more accurate information search.

The resource uses protocols to maintain the security of information. Despite the efforts of the resource itself, the risk of data loss always remains, as scammers can act. Self-protection of information requires the use of complex passwords, as well as keeping them safe from strangers.

If you lose your password or your account is hacked, you can use the automatic recovery form. After verifying personal data, a new password is sent to the specified email or phone number. If a hack or other problems are detected, it is advisable for users to contact the technical support of the resource, which will speed up their search and elimination.