Affiliate program

Several levels for earning with us!

Our MajorBox cryptocurrency exchange service provides an "Affiliate Program". It can be effectively used for additional income. Use your referral link to invite new users to our service. If the invited user makes an exchange on our site, you will receive a percentage of the profit from the amount of his transaction. Also, if a transaction is made by a user invited by your referral, interest from the transaction will also go to your piggy bank. Referral accruals are calculated on the company"s profit in each specific exchange direction. Please note: it is prohibited to use the exchange service for the purpose of making a profit due to the exchange rate difference; creating referral accounts for one person is prohibited; there are exchange directions where our service does not make a profit or works in a negative income - in these cases, referral interest will not be charged to the user.

Level 1

0.6% of turnover

Level 2

0.2% of turnover