1.1. This user agreement establishes and governs the relationship between the online platform and the user. By using the resource and registering an account, the user side agrees to the content read and acceptance of the established conditions.

1.2. In case of disagreement with the provisions of the agreement, the use of the resource will be prohibited.

2. General provisions

2.1. Online platform/resource – a party providing services.

2.2. User – a party acquiring services.

2.3. This virtual regulation has the same legal rights as an agreement signed in paper format. Consent confirms and governs the legal relationship between the parties.

2.4. The online platform provides the user with the opportunity to conduct transactions with digital monetary assets using their resource.

2.5. The service can be used by individuals and legal entities.

2.6. The submitted online application for ordering services with a turnover of funds is an official acceptance of the provisions. Temporal indicators, as well as condition parameters, are taken into account by the service by default at the moment the request is completed.

2.7. The current legislation of the state in which the user was registered and is located, transfers data, does not cancel the regulations, as well as the agreed relationship between the client and the system of virtual transactions.

3. Subject of the agreement and services provided

3.1. The offer of the online platform is a reliable and safe use of payment systems of various banking structures. All banks are represented on the resource. With the help of their payment functionality, financial transactions are carried out.

3.2. The platform does not verify the legitimacy of user-owned funds involved in transactions. Using the services of the platform, the user confirms that he owns and disposes of funds on legal grounds.

3.3. Depending on the direction of the operation, during the allotted time from the moment the amount is credited in the amount specified in the corresponding application, the resource transfers the currency to the corresponding addresses. Force majeure circumstances may prevent the completion of the operation.

3.4. The online platform, optimized by technical means, offers and provides for a fee the following services:

  • acceptance and further transfer of the declared amount of virtual units to a person or persons wishing to purchase them for monetary equivalent, on the terms provided for by the parameters of the application from the user;
  • real-time digital currency exchange.

3.5. The positive difference in the quality of the additional benefit received as a result of transactions goes in favor of the resource and is accounted for as a premium payment for commission services.

3.6. Acceptance of the terms is made after:

  • applying for one of the services offered by the resource;
  • registration on the online platform.

3.7. The user accepts the services of the offering party and carries out the settlement in accordance with the conditions established by the agreement. The application is made and paid exclusively through the form indicated on the resource. Unauthorized payment by details is not allowed. Otherwise, the request may be cancelled.

3.8. Transfers to cards are made from a few seconds to 5 business days. In most cases, the completion of operations occurs instantly.

4. Terms of Service

4.1. Acceptance of these terms implies confirmation by the user party of reaching the required and legal age. An obstacle to the conclusion of an agreement may be a suspension or a ban on using the resource earlier.

4.2. Any activity of the user on the website of the online platform, as well as in the applications of the resource (including, but not limited to the mobile application), for example, is the filing of an application for an exchange and / or any other activity, will be considered consent to undergo the personal identification procedure and provide all the data and / or documents required for this.

4.3. The processing of applications and the implementation of transactions is carried out by the online platform in accordance with the Privacy Policy, as well as compliance with the law to prevent money laundering activities and prevent the activation of transactions that are illegal.

4.4. Operations begin immediately after the funds are credited from the user. The transaction is not subject to cancellation or suspension after the start of its activation. Assets as a result of such an operation are not returned to the user.

4.5. Any completed transaction is considered irrevocable and cannot be rejected after its completion. If funds are not received from the user within 15 minutes from the time of the request, then the application is considered canceled as not having entered into force.

4.6. The resource keeps records of financial transactions in accordance with the agreement, rules and form of regulated virtual settlement systems.

4.7. If the assets from the user are received after the cancellation of the application (later than the set time), then the exchange rate for such an application will be recalculated according to the exchange rate at the time of receipt of payment. If you want to cancel the transaction after the transfer of monetary assets before the execution of the application, the refund occurs with a deduction of 3% of the amount. After the application is completed, financial claims are not accepted. If the accrual from the user is the amount of cryptocurrency less than 0.001 equivalent, then the online platform is limited by the right not to return them.

5. Rights and obligations of the parties

5.1. The obligations of the online platform include:

  1. Through payment systems, convert virtual assets in accordance with the requirements of this agreement.
  2. If necessary, provide round-the-clock online service support for any issues related to the transfer and exchange of assets.
  3. Maintain details of personal information, information about time and aggregate transaction rates, and provide the necessary data on the type of service offered in the event of a request made by the user.
  4. Comply with the privacy policy when performing services for the transfer and exchange of monetary assets using various payment systems.
  5. Ensure the protection of information on ongoing transactions from access by unauthorized persons. The exceptions are: a request from the control authorities and the financial monitoring service carrying out activities in the area of the platform location; an existing court order located in the area where the resource is located; the requirement of the management of payment systems through which money transfer operations were carried out.
  6. Keep count of the system of discounts and bonuses provided to the user.
  7. Deal with issues in the event that a user claims a breach of compliance.

5.2. The obligations of the online platform are considered fulfilled from the moment the monetary assets are written off and the transactions are registered in the history of the relevant settlement system.

User responsibilities include:

  1. Provide all necessary documents and bank details. Reliability and timely submission of data will ensure the successful conduct of transactions on the indicated amounts.
  2. Specify a valid email address.
  3. Issue consent and set up a notification system for the services provided via e-mail.
  4. Provide the ability to access the Internet using communication systems or stationary devices.
  5. Working with the services of the online platform, create high-quality protection with the help of existing anti-virus programs.
  6. Be sure to follow all the rules and regulations of the agreement.
  7. Notify the administration in time and in detail about cases of complete or partial violation of transactions. If deviations are detected, the application for consideration of the request must be received by the resource within one month from the date of the erroneous operation. Otherwise, the disputed amounts will remain irrevocably owned by the online platform.
  8. Strictly comply with the norms and requirements of the current legislation in the framework of using the resource.
  9. Do not use various methods of traffic intensification.

5.3. The online platform has the following rights:

  1. Temporarily stop the operation of the resource for its restructuring or to restore technical settings. At the same time, the administration will try to notify in advance about the implementation of the relevant work. The user agrees to the fact of taking on the risks associated with the fact that he cannot always use the services of the platform or perform urgent transactions using his account.
  2. The online platform uses complex software functionality and is subject to the possibility of technical failure. The resource reserves the right in such cases to refuse the user to fulfill the terms of the agreement with the subsequent return of assets to the details in full.
  3. Completely stop the working activity of the platform in case of suspicion of illegal interference by third parties. The reaction is possible on the appropriate appeal of the control authorities, the user or members of the management of payment systems. The stop will continue until the violations are completely eliminated.
  4. The online platform has the right to legally make changes to the system of discounts and rewards of partners without a corresponding notification of its actions to the user. At the same time, on the "Help" page in the relevant sections, the administration will definitely leave the publication of the current version of the deduction system.
  5. Adjust commission rates.
  6. Prohibit transactions without reasoning.
  7. If the transaction ended with an error, then require the user to provide additional information about the provision of an incorrect service. Any convenient option will do: screenshot, email notification, mobile device, etc.
  8. Terminate the conversation with the user in case of tactless violation of the rules of conduct, ethical standards or refusal to provide additional information.
  9. Stop transactions in such situations: discrepancy between the indicated and received amounts; bank details block; providing incorrect information; change by the user of the agreements; payment for operations from another personal account.
  10. Stop transactions in case of impossibility of full identification of the person without refund of funds before the full identification of the user.
  11. When using traffic adjustment methods, the administration can block access to the platform, as well as the corresponding auxiliary systems.
  12. This resource also reserves the right to make changes to this agreement without prior notice unilaterally. The publication of the current version of the agreement will be posted on this page without fail.
  13. Refuse further provision of services in case of violation by the user of any of the provisions of this agreement. The administration notifies of its decision through the notification system. Further processing of applications stops, the account is blocked.

5.4. The discovery of an unreasonable increase in monetary assets received while working on the resource allows the administration to suspend transactions until a detailed investigation of the circumstances, followed by a full refund of the unjustifiably received amounts and the corresponding rights to them.

5.5. It is forbidden to use the services of the online platform for the purpose of organizing and implementing fraud, as well as any other operations prohibited by law. When proving activity in the direction of illegal actions of the user, the resource transfers the collected information with the evidence base to the relevant law enforcement services, and also sends the information received about the implementation of illegal operations to the management of settlement systems and the affected party.

6. Guarantees and liability of the parties

6.1. The online platform is not responsible in the following cases:

  1. In case of errors and inaccuracies made by the user in the design of registration fields and applications, as well as violation of the rules for using the online platform and, as a result, financial loss. Cash assets that have gone to incorrectly specified details will not be returned. The operation is considered correctly completed.
  2. Failure to complete transactions due to errors or delays on the part of banking organizations or payment systems.
  3. When the user misunderstands financial compliance rules, tariff rates, service charges and other provisions resulting in delays and loss.
  4. Responsibility is removed from the platform for a malfunction in the event of a lack of electricity, Internet connection, and failure of other communication systems.
  5. For the result of exchange operations carried out by third parties with the permission of the user.

6.2. Upon confirmation of all the terms of this agreement, the party agrees to the terms and assumes full responsibility for the consequences of the operations.

6.3. The Parties shall not be liable and shall be released from fulfilling their obligations under the considered regulation in the event of occurrence of circumstances beyond their control. These situations include:

  • natural disasters;
  • state changes with adjustment at the legal level;
  • natural disasters and riots, military operations, hacker attacks, etc.

6.4. By activity on the online platform, the user confirms the legitimacy and ownership of their finances. Full compensation for material losses in case of loss as a result of using the resource is borne by the user.

7. Notice to the user side

7.1. The online platform considers it legitimate to notify users of the resource that when owning digital financial assets and conducting various operations, there is a risk of losing personal financial resources.

7.2. The value of virtual currency is highly volatile, and there is a possibility for the owner to incur losses. Financial activities related to cryptocurrency are not regulated at the legislative level in the territory of the Russian Federation.

7.3. When working with digital financial assets, there are other risks that are not provided for in this notice and agreement.

8. Verification

8.1. Each user must be ready for the procedures of personality recognition and identification. This is a prerequisite when using the services on the online platform.

8.2. The data obtained about a specific person is used to verify his identity, resources, applications (not limited to mobile). The functionality of the service is working on the following areas:

  • detection of traces of money laundering;
  • financial assistance to terrorism;
  • various fraudulent operations and other financial crimes.

8.3. The online platform collects, processes, uses and transfers information in accordance with the settings of the Privacy Policy.

8.4. All information received about the user is recorded and stored for the duration of the account activity, as well as for five years after the account is closed and / or deleted. Actions are carried out within the framework of international data storage standards. The user gives permission and agrees to all terms.

8.5. The Online Platform may conduct the necessary investigations or research independently or use the services of third parties. With his consent, the user does not prevent these actions aimed at verifying the identity or protecting the resource from various financial crimes and threats. A KYC service and/or other systems may act as a third party. There are no restrictions on the choice of the latter.

8.6. After passing the identification, the user must independently monitor the correctness of the entered data. If the user"s personal information changes in the future, it must be corrected and updated in the personal account, as well as through communication with the platform administrator. If there are reasons for the resource to believe that the information about the user has been changed, outdated, incorrect, inaccurate, false, then restrictive measures may be applied until all questions are clarified. The administration has the right to block transactions and freeze the exchange along with all assets.

8.7. The user bears full responsibility for the accuracy and relevance of the personal data submitted. If the administration is unable to contact the user using the contacts left during registration, or during identification on the resource, then this is fraught with appropriate measures. The user is responsible for all losses and/or expenses when operations are stopped and/or the personal account is blocked.

8.8. Using the services of the online platform, the user guarantees the readiness to pass the verification procedure on demand.

8.9. Wallet addresses for transactions on the platform are subject to automatic AML verification. The resource has the right to request verification if the user"s exchange service interacts with the following positions:

  • Fraudulent Exchange;
  • DarknetMarketplace;
  • ransom;
  • Darknet Service;
  • StolenCoins;
  • mixing service;
  • IllegalService;
  • scam.

8.10. If a connection is detected during the verification process, the funds are returned to the sender at the address, taking into account the write-off of the commission costs for the return.

9. User identification

During the identification process, the resource may optionally request the following information:

  1. Surname, name, patronymic of the user.
  2. citizenship information.
  3. Passport data, including series, number and other information.
  4. Complete information about the date and place of birth of the user.
  5. Registration data, as well as the place of current residence.
  6. Various contact information is requested, including addresses (postal and electronic), telephone numbers. Any contacts to contact the user are requested.
  7. Photocard of civil and/or foreign passport or ID-card.
  8. A photograph of the owner holding a document that proves his identity.
  9. Photograph of utility bills showing a specific person"s home address. The request is relevant in the case when the identity document does not contain information about the place of residence or registration.
  10. Other personal information in any volume and format that the resource considers necessary to fully identify the user.